Persönliche Stärken und Fähigkeiten fördern

Successful coaching is not exclusively about improving your own weaknesses, but also recognizing and promoting your strengths.

Both strengths and weaknesses can be improved, because people with a growth -oriented way of thinking achieve their goals rather than people with a fixed way of thinking. In order to grow professionally and personally, it is not enough to recognize and use your strengths. You also have to believe that these strengths can be improved. If you focus on your strengths, you have a better feeling of fulfillment and progress.

The analysis of our own strengths is often more difficult for us than the recognition of our weaknesses, since these are usually associated with negative feelings and experiences. We often take our personal skills for a matter of course and are therefore not actively aware of how good we are in it. Our general negativity bias automatically prompted us to look at our uncertainties and supposed weaknesses. We ignore signs of our strengths because we are so busy improving our weaknesses.

We recognize our strengths in things that inspire us - and it doesn't have to be particularly good from the beginning. That are the strengths we want to develop and expand. Our skills are often also evident through experiences and reactions of fellow human beings. If we always get the same positive feedback on a task that we do with great effort, that makes us take notice. Is there a talent? Or do we notice people keeping asking us for advice? Does this show our ability as a possible team leader? As soon as we are open for this, hidden talents appear. And weu can concentrate and build on that.

We should try to consciously incorporate our skills in our everyday life as often as possible. If we use them at work and in private, we will most likely achieve good results and even improve in these areas. This is a process that runs step by step and takes some time. Ideally, after a while, these actions become habits that we do without having to think about it.

If we use our personal strengths as the basis for growth, we will determine a positive correlation with increasing success.

Written by Mara Schär

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