In certain times of our lives, there are naturally major changes. Such situations present us with new challenges and can mess up our mental balance. I accompany you to go your way of changing, I encourage you and develop a strategy with you to achieve your goal.

Wellbeing (well -being) is part of a modern and conscious lifestyle. Feel good, find and keep inner balance, live balanced, stay healthy and successful under pressure - more and more people want this in our performance society. As a certified corporate wellness specialist and students of psychology, who offers advice and works with a large network of therapists, coaches and consultants, I have optimally developed my coaching programs for individuals and organizations.

Whether stressed business people or tired mothers - the need for wellbeing increases. The growing market needs specialists who have a current and innovative spectrum of tools. Methods that reduce stress in a pleasant way, compensate for harmful civilization influences and convey fun and well -being.

I accompany individuals, teams and organizations in their development and change processes. Career change, money mindset, stress, emigration, divorce, parent-burnout or other important changes and complex life situations are my topics. I am your reliable partner so that you or your specialists and managers get the right support on the way of development.

I support my customers with my knowledge as a communication specialist and wellness expert, with my psychological knowledge and my empathy, as well as with my professional and life experience.

Mara Schär

Online Life Coach: Mindset & Wellbeing

Founder Joy Corporate GmbH
Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®