Losing weight is a matter of the head! The right mindset is the key to success.

Fitter people are happier and have more success! Those who do sports are better at work and have greater opportunities for advancement, according to the result of comprehensive research by HR chiefs, headhunters and labor market experts.

But what do sporty people do differently? How can you develop more joy in movement? What do you need to get up from the couch and become more active?

The internet is full of fairy tales in the fitness industry that "bring people to a bikini figure in four weeks". Dietary changes and sometimes dangerous diets are advertised. It is difficult to keep an overview here and to choose a program or a diet that are suitable for weight loss and do not harm the body.

What is the right way?

As a certified corporate wellness specialist who offers consultations and working with a large network of therapists, coaches and consultants, I have optimally developed my coaching programs.

I accompany you to go your way of physical change, encourage you and develop a strategy with you to achieve your goal.

Mindset, nutrition and sport!

Get healthier and happier!

3 months of coaching package

  • Define initial session (45 minutes) - Define goals!
  • 2 sessions topic Mindset (60 minutes)
  • 2 sessions topic sports - certified fitness coach (60 minutes)
  • 2 sessions topic nutrition - certified nutritionist (60 minutes)
  • 1 session intermediate balance sheet
  • Online sports exercises, healthy recipes, nutritional plans
  • Weekly work (specific tasks) to maximize their progress between the coaching sessions
  • Emergency priority support by email and messenger
  • Access to our online courses/programs (without additional costs)
  • A 45-minute follow-up session (to use within three months of completing the program)
  • Materials and resources to support your transformation
  • 2 weeks of follow-up email support

The next step is formed after each weekly session so that you can think and take measures.

    Languages: German, English, French, Romanian

    Contact me for a non -binding, free clarification interview so that we can find out together whether and how I can support you: