Female Leadership

Good leadership is gender -independent, but the cultural and personal experiences of women and men are very different. It is no secret that women have always faced larger hurdles when it came to career. There are inequalities between men and between men and women in the form of wage differences, unequal promotion options and unbalanced representation in important decision -making processes across all geographical and income levels.

But how do you get ahead as a woman and how do you lead with great success?

Many women ask themselves this question on their way to their professional life. These women are successful, ambitious and well trained. But despite their successes, they sometimes have the feeling that many stumbling blocks are in the way.

But you also know that you can overcome these challenges with the right strategy and take a career in which you can use your talents and celebrate new successes.

While skills, experience and knowledge are of fundamental importance for success, companies today measure the soft skills a much higher status (source). Soft skills are crucial for professional success as well as emotional intelligence.

It is also important to know and deepen the personal and authentic style to lead with confidence. It is essential to leave your own comfort zone and leave the negative inner voice behind. Self -motivation, work ethics and resilience are also essential leadership skills. And also essential for success are a clear communication strategy and the ability to establish networks.

These skills and attitudes are needed to start and get on in professional life. From professionalism to cooperation to a supportive management style and a cooperative problem -solving approach, women have skills that make them invaluable (source). When women combine these skills to expand their leadership qualities, they achieve both qualitative cultural profits and quantitative business success. By combining soft skills, experiences and ability, female managers develop the organisations further and ensure sustainable growth.

Written by Mara Schär

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