Herausforderungen als Chance für persönlichen Wachstum

In today's world, we are under great pressure to meet expectations and even surpass them. But what does this mean? Is that good or bad for our daily life and our general well -being?

A lot is related to the personal mindset. If we see challenges as unpleasant, scary obstacles that intimidate us and we would rather run away, negative stress arises. This feeling affects our well -being and in the long run it also has a negative impact on our health.

However, if we have a growth mindset, we define a challenge differently and see it as part of our personal development: We recognize the opportunity to grow from every situation that we encounter and not only see it as a problem. The growth mentality does not focus on the positive, but on how to understand the situation as a whole, what is the real problem, what needs to be sacrificed or done so that you can get out of these difficult conditions. A growth-oriented way of thinking does not look for convenience, but for opportunities, even if they are exhausting for us.

The more difficult the situation is, the more we have to prepare for what is coming up, but still know that  problems make us stronger.

It is very important that we allow ourselves to accept more of our mistakes and inadequacies, because this path brings us closer to our actual goal - self -realization.

If we accept our challenges and raise the courage to change, we can break out, learn new things and develop ourselves personally.

Personal growth means learning new skills and experiencing new challenges. It is about expanding and staying curious.

In order to achieve this, it is not a solution to run away from the problems with which we are confronted, but to be open-minded and willing to take the associated risks, to find the right ways to deal with it and to grow with them.

Written by Mara Schär

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