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I'm a dedicated and passioned Life Coach, who wants to help people reach their full potential and live a fulfilling life. My extensive training and experience in the fields of psychology, communication and personal development have helped me to develop a holistic and sensitive approach that addresses the individual needs of my clients.  

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The right mindset for success, professional reorientation, a successful business, work life balance, emigration, divorce, or other important changes and complex life situations are my topics. I support individuals, teams and organizations in their development and change processes.

Life Coach Basel - Certification

I am a certified corporate wellness expert, communication specialist, life coach and founder of Joy Corporate GmbH in BaselMy coaching approach is based on appreciative and respectful interaction with my clients. I create a trusting atmosphere in which they can freely open up and talk about their goals, challenges and fears. Through focused listening and empathetic questioning, I uncover the underlying motivations and barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Who am I? 

I have been living in a wonderful patchwork family of 6 for 9 years. I've seen a lot of big changes. I've moved quite a lot in my life so far and lived and worked in different cultures around the world. A divorce is behind me and I had to reorient myself professionally. This changed the focus on my goals. It wasn't easy - but extremely exciting and always a challenge. 

This has contributed to more resilience and motivation in my personality. I therefore approach new challenges with mindfulness and meaning and implement this in my life coaching. Ultimately, it also led to my current vocation with coaching services and support.

There are always several possibilities or ways to get to a desired goal.  I discovered my mission in life late and there are events and experiences in my life that have had a strong influence on me and have led to me being where I am today. 

Coaching Basel - online or face to face

I've been offering coaching in Basel for a while. As a life coach, I support my clients with my knowledge and experience. My office (practice) is in Basel, but as an online life coach, I take care of clients from all over the world through online sessions. I offer my coaching in German, English, French and Romanian. 

My strength lies in developing bespoke strategies and solutions tailored to the individual needs of my clients. I help them set clear goals and track their progress to guide them on their journey to their desired life path.

Through my comprehensive understanding of the human psyche and behavioral patterns, I can recognize blockages and limiting beliefs and work together with my clients to overcome them. I encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and gain new perspectives to reach their full potential.

As a life coach in Basel, I support my clients in various areas of life, be it with professional challenges, relationship issues, stress management or the search for more life balance. My versatile expertise enables me to support them in the most diverse situations and to encourage them to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.

The coaching is a holistic form of accompaniment for people who want to free themselves from a current situation in order to develop In the methodology, it integrates the potential our system - body, thinking, emotions and feelings, intuition and soul as well as cultural influences.

My training as a coach

Since my youth, communication and psychology have been among my great passions, which have had a strong influence on my professional and personal path.

I studied communication sciences and worked as a journalist in my hometown Bucharest. I have more than 15 years of international experience in communication, coaching, sales, marketing and key account management. So many different jobs developed me (professionally but also privately). 

I love to learn! I am definitely a lifelong learner!  It is important to always be up-to-date in order to educate  customers about the most important news.

The joy of consulting and my great interest in people prompted me to start a part-time degree in "Bachelor of Science in Psychology" at FernUni Schweiz.

In addition, I completed a training course in Corporate Wellness/Wellbeing in Los Angeles (2017) and received my certification as a Corporate Wellness Specialist. This further training and other various courses round off my profile. 

With my corporate health company, Joy Corporate (in Basel),  I offer innovative webinars, workshops and seminars for other companies  that care about health and prevention. Our offer also includes other services, such as personal advice, consulting or supervision.

As a certified corporate wellness specialist and as a psychology student who offers counseling and works with a large network of therapists, coaches and consultants, I have optimally developed my coaching programs for individuals and organizations.

I also work with agile coaches and business coaches who push teams to achieve great business goals.

We are also active in the field of health at work and offer many events and webinars on the topics: sports, nutrition, fitness, mental training, emotional intelligence, well-being at work etc.

A coach for better communication

I studied communication and I love stimulating conversations. Over the years I have found that good communication affects the heart and mind. If we communicate better - i.e. more clearly and precisely - with one another, we create a deeper emotional bond, resolve conflicts and strengthen bonds. It also makes sorting and solving problems and disagreements much easier. 

Well-being depends very much on the quality of communication. While satisfying conversations, a smile and physical closeness trigger feelings of happiness, a lack of understanding, dismissive postures and a bad mood can have a negative impact on well-being. 

With the right communication almost every door opens. Those who listen carefully, ask the right questions and express themselves clearly gain decisive advantages. Private and business.

Life coaching in Basel

I support my customers with my knowledge as a communication specialist and wellness expert, with my psychological knowledge and my empathy, as well as with my professional and life experience. Out of intuition and with a smart strategy. I work with verified methods, according to the latest neuroscience and research results of positive psychology.

As a  coach, I would like to enable the client or coachee to perceive needs, expand their awareness, dissolve blockages, discover their potential, recognize resources and realize individual goals in professional and personal life in the form of sustainable solutions.

I am a coach for private individuals but also for executives. I accompany my private customers, leaders or teams on their path of change. I encourage them and develop a strategy with them to achieve their goals. 

In my executive coaching, managers get new solutions for their everyday leadership. 

My approach is holistic and I work with partners, nutritionists, personal trainers and therapists. They support me in developing the best solutions for my customers. 

I accompany people in taking the necessary steps to act successfully, to achieve their goals and to realize their wishes. 

My goal as a life coach is to support my clients in developing more self-confidence, self-reflection and self-efficacy in order to lead a fulfilling and contented life. 

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey and helping you bring out the best in yourself. Together we will achieve your goals and positively change your life. 

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Mara Schar

Life Coach: Mindset & Wellbeing Coach (Basel)

Founder Joy Corporate GmbH
Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®

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Life Coach Basel 


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