With the right mindset we can generate money and attract our desired customers more easily. When business people generate more sales, then it is not only due to a better strategy, but to their money mindset, their self-confidence and thier relationship to themselves! 

Career coaching can effectively support people at work. Finding your own way requires time, support, reflection and a lot of patience. Career coaching can effectively support this process and shorten the way to the goal.

Many people claim career coaching because they are dissatisfied professionally. In coaching, it often shows that in many cases it does not need a complete professional reorientation in order to be happy again. Sometimes small changes can also have impact.

Career change, wellbeing at work, long-term employee loyalty, virtual teams, productivity increase, emigrants in a team, professional reorientation or other important changes and complex life situations are my topics. I am your reliable partner so that you or your specialists and managers get the right support on the way of development.

Communication and psychology have been among my great passions since youth and have strongly influenced my professional and personal path. The joy of counseling and my great interest in humans prompted me to start a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the Fernuni Switzerland.

I not only studied communication and media science, I love stimulating conversations. Over the years, I have found that good communication is extremely important. If we communicate better - more clearly and more precisely - with each other, we create a deeper emotional bond, solve conflicts and consolidate connections.

I have worked in various international companies in the areas of communication, finance, medicine/pharmaceuticals and advertising and I know the demanding corporate work environment from my own experience.

In recent years I have emigrated a few times for various reasons. It was not always easy - but extremely exciting and always a challenge. I have a lot of practical experience and I had to find new and unusual solutions again and again. It is time to pass on my experiences and to apply my  knowledge.

With the "Business Mindset - Coaching " I show the customer how to start financial independence with a new supportive mindset, have finances under control and attract more desired customers. Together we will define and implement the financial goals so that they can be reached. The first step towards a higher account balance begins in our head.

With the "Coaching for emigrants" I support companies to successfully integrate their international employees and their families at the new job and where they live. During the entire onboarding process, I am a reliable partner for you so that the specialists and managers feel comfortable from day one.

With the "Coaching for professional reorientation and job search" I support private people, teams and organizations in their development and change processes. I work with a highly qualified team of experts to support employees of numerous Swiss companies. My many years of practical experience with customer -specific services helped me to offer my customers the best support. My outplacement offer covers the entire process from the termination pronunciation until the end of the trial period at the new employer.

The satisfaction of the employees is crucial for the company's success, because the most important resource of a company is qualified employees.

I support you or your specialists and leaders with my knowledge as a communication specialist and wellness expert, my psychological knowledge and my empathy, as well as with my professional and life experience.

My offer:

  • Personalized VIP coaching packages
  • Training on site and virtual
  • Counseling
  • Online webinars for teams and individuals

    Languages: German, English, French, Romanian