Corona-Krise. Das richtige Mindset

The new virus that is reported daily not only has an impact on those who have infected themselves, but also on the people who are forced to restart their lives completely. For some, this may be a greater challenge than for others. This often depends on the right attitude that you should get to hold out. But how do you do that? How do you get the right mindset to successfully get through the Corona crisis? 

Analyze and recognize the situation

The current situation is almost the same in every country. The majority of our planet is affected by a virus that spreads at an unexpected speed. Everyone can affect it at all times and nobody is immune to infecting themselves as well. For this reason, the respective governments decided to take various measures. That caused an uncomfortable feeling. With many, this triggers panic and hysteria, as we feel significantly limited in our lifestyle. We lose control and get to do with fear. A variety of emotions rise in us.

Recognize the situation

After we have recognized our situation, the next step is to accept it. We are in a crisis and that's fine. Both our private and our professional life are affected, but that does not mean that we cannot adapt and reorient ourselves. It is time for us to contribute our part to the situation. Finally, this brings us to the next phase in the acquisition of the right mindset, namely the reorientation and transformation.

Transform the situation

In this phase we have put our fears aside and finally accepted the situation. Now it is time to let the creativity run free, to make new plans and find new ways to support ourselves and others. Although the situation is still the same, we now have the opportunity to cope with the Corona crisis. You now have your head free to do things again.

Advantages of the Corona crisis

The Corona crisis not only has negative aspects. On the contrary, most of us are given the opportunity to recover, grow mentally, to understand ourselves better and to use the time to finally implement long forgotten projects, such as writing a novel or start a new business. In order to be able to benefit from the advantages, however, our thoughts have to be detached from the disaster.

As in any other crisis, this can be survived well with the right mindset and without any major problems. Of course, there will be moments every now and then when you no longer want to stay at home and want to go all the way as usual. However, if you decide to be grateful for what you have, so you can also get the most out of this crisis and start things that you didn't think of before. The right mindset therefore helps to deal with the crisis.

Written by Mara Schär

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