Erfolg durch Mut zur Veränderung: Warum die Komfortzone verlassen wichtig ist

In our quest for success and personal growth, there is one crucial hurdle we must overcome: the comfort zone. The comfort zone is the area where we feel safe and secure, where we protect ourselves from challenges and discomfort. But to achieve true success, we need to move out of this comfort zone and face new situations. In this article, we will focus on the importance of stepping out of the comfort zone and why this is so important.

Avoiding stagnation: When we stay within our comfort zone, we avoid new experiences and challenges. As a result, we stagnate in our behaviour and do not develop further. To achieve real personal growth, we need to face challenges outside our comfort zone.

Promoting personal growth: Stepping out of our comfort zone and striving towards our goals has a positive impact on our self-confidence and self-efficacy. By facing challenges, we can grow beyond ourselves and expand personal boundaries.

Encouraging creativity and learning: Stepping out of our comfort zone can lead to an improvement in our performance, creativity and ability to learn in the long run. By exposing ourselves to new situations and challenges, we can expand our skills and develop further.

Overcoming fears: To achieve our goals, we need perseverance and courage. Stepping out of our comfort zone helps us to overcome our fear of new things and risks. As a result, we gain self-confidence and acquire the ability to succeed in other areas of our lives.

Acceptance of change: Leaving the comfort zone means accepting change and opening up to new experiences. This allows us to better adapt to new situations and become more resilient.

Expanding the comfort zone: By leaving our comfort zone, we expand it. We are confronted with new experiences and challenges that help us adapt to the unknown and feel more comfortable.


Stepping out of our comfort zone is challenging but essential for personal growth and success. By taking risks and trying new things, we can expand our comfort zone and achieve our goals. By facing fears, challenging our habits and opening ourselves up to new experiences, we can realise our full potential.


Written by Mara Schär

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