Was ist mit "Digital Detox" gemeint? Digitalisierung und ihre Auswirkungen auf die mentale Gesundheit

In today's society, we are increasingly surrounded by digital devices. We can hardly put our smartphone down and our work increasingly takes place online. We are constantly reachable, connected and busy. The idea of Digital Detox is therefore an important approach to bring our lives back into balance.

What is Digital Detox?

Digital Detox means consciously disconnecting from digital devices and technologies. It's about taking a break from emails, social media, smartphones and other digital devices. It's an opportunity to take back control of our lives, relax and deepen our relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Advantages and disadvantages of Digital Detox

Digital Detox has many benefits, including improving mental health and reducing stress and anxiety. It can help us increase our creativity and productivity and help us find a healthy work-life balance. Many go into Digital Detox to be more focused and relaxed, and to learn or work better. It has been found that just getting a notification can heavily distract us, even if you don't respond to it at all. Also, a link has been discovered between frequent use of social networks and lowered academic performance.

However, there are also some disadvantages, such as the fear of missing something or the feeling of not always being reachable. It's also worth mentioning that many people nowadays work full-time with digital devices. If you work as a social media manager, for example, you automatically spend a good few hours a day in front of the screen without being online in your free time. In this aspect, Digital Detox can prove to be a challenge.

How and when to do Digital Detox?

Digital Detox can be practiced quite simply for a few hours in everyday life. For example, you could go without technology for one hour after getting up and two hours before going to bed. You can also spend an entire day or even a weekend without digital devices to enjoy life away from the screen.

There are many ways to practice Digital Detox. For example, we can turn off our devices at certain times or disconnect from them for a certain period of time. A weekend without the Internet or a hiking vacation without technology can help us rethink our relationship with digital devices and re-learn how to get along without them.

Digital Detox in companies

More and more companies recognize the importance of digital detox. Some employers have already introduced regulations that allow employees to be away from work and unavailable for certain periods of time. These measures can help to reduce burnout and stress and increase employee productivity and creativity. With our company (joycorporate.ch), we offer a digital detox seminar that helps employees to find a healthy work-life balance and to improve their use of digital devices. It can help employees reduce stress, increase focus, improve relationships and develop a deep understanding of their own needs and limitations. A regular digital detox can help employees do their work more efficiently and productively and find a better work-life balance.

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Businesses can benefit from Digital Detox. Due to the constant availability of e-mails and other digital means of communication, many employees feel compelled to be reachable at all times. However, a clear separation between work and free time is important to give employees the opportunity to relax and recharge their batteries. For example, companies can schedule digital detox breaks where no digital devices are allowed, or introduce one digital detox day per week.

Digitization and its impact on mental health

Digitalization has many benefits, but it also has an impact on our mental health. Permanent accessibility can lead to overwork, and dependence on digital devices can cause us to become alienated from the real world. This culture of permanent accessibility has been shown to lead to chronic stress and emotional overload.

Conscious use of digital technologies can help us build a healthy relationship with them and improve our mental health. Likewise, a conscious approach to digital technology can also relieve stress on the body. Constantly looking at screens absorbs blue light, which has been shown to impact sleep quality. Especially before bed, it is advisable to stay away from digital devices to ensure a restful sleep.

Tips for using our devices

It is important to realize that constant consumption of digital media can also have disadvantages. In addition to the physical and mental stresses mentioned above, too much consumption can also affect interpersonal relationships. 31% of Internet users miss out on valuable time spent with friends and family.

It is therefore advisable to integrate regular digital detox phases into everyday life. You can proceed according to your needs and individual situation. Some tips are:

  • Keep cell phone and laptop use to a minimum
  • Ban digital devices from the bedroom
  • Schedule times without digital devices, e.g., when eating or exercising
  • Find alternatives to digital media consumption, e.g. reading or going for a walk
  • Do not use cell phone as an alarm clock
  • Don't multitask on digital devices

There are many ways to incorporate Digital Detox into your daily life. It is important to be aware of the effects that excessive consumption of digital media can have and to take time for yourself and interpersonal relationships.

Overall, Digital Detox can help you achieve a healthier work-life balance, reduce stress and improve your well-being. So it's worth taking time out regularly for a digital break and consciously paying attention to your own needs.

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