Auswandern - was bringt diese Entscheidung mit sich?

Is the grass really green on the other side? Many seem to think that. A new study emphasized that 55% of the surveyd Germans would like to live abroad temporarily or even forever. In another study wanted YouGov to find out whether and especially where would the surveyd people emigrate, for professional reasons. the The most popular cities were New York, London, Vienna and Paris.

However, emigration is also not an easy decision and you should think about several aspects before. One should be aware of the expectations for the life abroad and also being prepared for the consequences.


The first intention of emigration is an improved quality of life. But that guarantee is unfortunately not there, and many emigrants underestimate what such an emigration means at all. Some countries need a visa if you don't move for professional reasons, the job search could become a challenge and your financial life could be completely different than at home.

What we often forget is that emigration is a challenge from a psychological point of view. The social environment changes and could initially lead to loneliness. Farewell to friends and family is also more difficult than one expected.


It cannot be denied that emigration on several levels means leaving the current comfort zone. Just like every new experience in our lives that helps us developing us as a person also comes emigration with his own hurdles. That are some of the difficulties that can appear:

  • Language as a communication barrier
  • Adaptation to a new culture
  • Being overwhelmed by the living costs


Emigration means change and you should expect it and also keep realistic in the situation. It could take some time to go over that culture shock and get used to the new lifestyle and you should give that time. Are you prepared?

Even if you are aware of how long, where and why you emigrate, count stress and a lot of organization definitely to the challenges that you will encounter. It can also often happen that after the initial euphoria you can directly want to return or no longer know what to do. Nevertheless, emigration can be an enriching experience and turn out to be the best decision.

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Written by Anamaria Iosif

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