General terms and conditions of

1. General

1.1. Joy Corporate GmbH is the owner and accountant of the database

1.2. reserves the right to reject entries if their content violates the provisions below.

1.3. Has the right to delete double entries.

1.4. is entitled at any time to change or supplement these contractual conditions including all systems such as terms of use and service descriptions.

1.5. Performance delays due to force majeure, strike, lockout, operational disorders or failure of communication networks and gateways of other operators or other disorders are not at the expense of

1.6. In the event of failures of services due to an outside the area of ​​responsibility of There is no reimbursement of fees.

2. Memember

2.1. A member period always takes a year from the order date and must be paid in advance.

2.2. A one-time fee of 50.- is charged during the circulation to the member.

2.3. The annual period can always be canceled until a month before the expiry. After that, the period is automatically extended by one year and charged.

2.4. The circulation to members is incorporated after receipt of payment.

2.5. Outside of Switzerland, the prices apply in euros and without VAT.

3. Duties

3.1. The client exclusively bears the responsibility for the content of the ads and offers. The client ensures the correctness of the information provided by it.

3.2. The client provides free of all claims from third parties due to any non -compliance.

3.3. The client is obliged:

3.3.1. To ensure that his information such as profile, contact details, etc., are complete and truthful;

3.3.2. to use the services properly;

3.3.3. not to abuse the access to the services and the services provided and to refrain from illegal actions;

3.4. undertakes to release the entries after receipt of the payment.

3.5. is justified, but not obliged to check the offers or entries.

3.6. Does not make any assurances about possible placements and/or the order of the search results when searching/researching in the provider database.

4. Liability

4.1. Claims for damages from the impossibility of performance, positive liability for claims, fault when the contract is concluded and unauthorized action are both towards As in relation to his vicarious agents, unless intended or grossly negligent action is present. For consequential damage, in particular from the point of view of the positive breach of contract, is liable Not.

4.2. For any damage caused by the fact that the information from the user and client on the technical transmission paths (Internet) can be viewed by other people Not.

4.3. is not liable for the content of the pages ported on the Internet. The respective providers of the sites are responsible for the content of the websites that are achieved on the basis of a connection.

4.4. Liability for indirect damage, consequential damage or lost profit assumes Not.

4.5. For the content written by the client in the database, the client is personally liable with regard to unfair competition or other statutory violations. in any case, is released by the client from the subject of the content of the website appearances, which brought third parties to them or those through judgment or injunctive relief MAraschaer.combe directed.

5. Other

5.1. Jurisdiction for all entries is Basel (Switzerland). Switzerland applies to all legal relationships between the parties.

5.2. With the entry, these conditions are considered accepted.