Wie Sie ein positives Mindset aufbauen

A positive attitude is of crucial importance for professional and personal success. The power of positive thinking plays a pioneering role and influences our quality of life.

Covid pandemic has challenged us on many levels. It brought us financial problems, an uncertain future, unusual social isolation and loneliness. We lacked optimism for a long time and all the best was far away. A negative way of thinking is like a spiral that ultimately leads to despair. In order to get out of this whirlpool of uncertainty and negativity, a strong positive attitude is needed. This is the only way we can break out of lethargy.

How can we develop a positive attitude in such difficult times? A fundamental attitude of gratitude is a key component in developing a positive attitude. Research has shown that gratitude can significantly increase our feeling of happiness and at the same time protect us from stress, negativity, fear and depression (source). Gratitude can also sustainably improve our sleep quality.

We tend to be strictest with ourselves and to criticize ourselves the most. Our inner critic is rarely calm, this means that you form a negative opinion about yourself that is difficult to shake off. To stop, you have to pay attention to the voice in your head and answer with positive messages, listen to the inner coach (source).

Reaching this positive attitude begins with very small changes. Concentrate on the good things, no matter how small or apparently insignificant they may be. The more often you look for the positive little things, the easier it becomes. Over time, this becomes a habit and your mindset tends more and more in the positive direction. You also automatically learn from challenging situations to draw the good and strengthen their resilience.

In this way, an optimistic attitude to life develops in the long run, it comes out with a fixed way of thinking and develops a mentality of growth (source). A growth-oriented way of thinking helps us to see mistakes, setbacks and failures as an opportunity to expand and grow our existing skills.

Written by Mara Schär

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