Wie Multitasking die Produktivität und die Gesundheit des Gehirns beeinträchtigt

"I can do a lot of things at the same time - so I'm much more efficient!" How many times have we heard this sentence - often even expressed with a slightly swinging pride. But is multitasking really positive? What does it mean for our productivity and for our brain?

Multitasking seems to be a great way to do a lot at once and save time. However, many studies and research have found that our brain is not nearly as good to manage several tasks as we like to believe. Some studies even indicate that multitasking can affect productivity by reducing the grasp, attention and the overall performance (source).

How could this be that the productivity and focus seem to be high in multitasking? That is deceptive. In reality, our attention quickly changes from one task to the next. So it can be difficult to hide distractions and really concentrate. Our brain lacks the ability to perform several tasks at the same time. The concentration on only one task is much more effective for several reasons.

Studies have proven that multitasker have more difficulties to arrange thoughts and to filter out irrelevant information because they are used to switching back and forth. Multitasking reduces efficiency and performance because the brain can only concentrate on one thing at the same time (source).

So it can even affect the brain and lower the IQ!

To prevent this or break with bad habits, it is important to focus better. One should be present and only concentrate to a current task. This last part is the most difficult part for most of us. Concentration means to hide any other thoughts, every feeling that has nothing to do with the current work. This also applies to notifications, a new email, a new "like" or  new followers! (source:).

If you learn to stay focused on work, this can lead to a greater success in your job. You suddenly achieve more of what is important for you and feel better with the sense of achievement. It is not just about completing tasks, but also about taking time and focus for important moments, joy and happiness. In the end, this mindfulness leads to a fulfilled life.

Written by Mara Schär

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