Die Kraft der Positivität und selbst erfühlende Prophezeiungen

Positity and a good attitude can have an enormous force when it comes to influence and improve our lives. There are many studies showing that positive thoughts and emotions are directly associated with better physical and emotional well -being.

Research about self-fulfilling prophecy is incredible: "Our expectations of ourselves and other people, our assumptions and prejudices, our inner pictures become reality (Rosenthal and Babad, 1985Eden, 1990). This phenomenon of psychology was called Rosenthal effectPygmailion effect or self -fulfilling prophecy... An employee can do more just because you expect it from him? A child develops better because his parents "believe" in it? Then we may also become a millionaire just because we believe in it? How should that work specifically? "

One of the most important components of positive attitudes is the ability to make yourself positive prophecies. This means that we make ourselves positive statements about ourselves and our future. This can help us strengthen our self -confidence, achieve our goals and overcome our fears. In coaching, awareness of self -fulfilling prophecies can be used to help clients check and change their beliefs and expectations in order to achieve better results.

Self -fulfilling prophecies are based on the concept that our behavior and attitudes can influence the fulfillment of predictions. From a psychological point of view, this is a form of cognitive distortion in which one person changes their behavior in such a way that it corresponds to a previously expressed prediction. This can be triggered by a strong conviction or expectation that leads to changes in behavior.

Self -fulfilling prophecies and placebos have a common effect: Both can lead to a person who has a certain reaction or experience based on their expectations or beliefs instead of the actual properties or characteristics of a stimulus or a substance.

Self -fulfilling prophecies can also have a negative effect. If a person believes that something is not possible or will fail, this can cause them to change their behavior, which ultimately leads to an actual failure.

Some examples of self -fulfilling prophecies are:

  1. If someone believes that she/he is unable to pass an exam, this will probably happen.

  2. If someone concentrates on the fact that a relationship will fail, this will probably perform actions that contribute to the failure of the relationship.

  3. If someone considers themselves unable to get a new job, this will probably show less initiative and have worse interviews, which means that no new job is offered.

  4. If someone is convinced that it is not popular, he/she will probably use negative body language and show an unpleasant personality, which leads to a lack of friendships.

The Nocebo effect is a phenomenon in which negative expectation or prediction of treatment or a drug has a negative effect on a person's health, although treatment or drug itself does not contain active ingredients. It is the opposite of the placebo effect in which positive expectations can have positive effects on health. "An interesting effect results, for example, from the superstition spread in Asian cultures, that the number "four" brought misfortune. This has its origins in the fact that the word for "four" in Mandarin sounds like the word for death. This conviction apparently means that many Asian - Americans actually die statistically on the fourth of the month (Phillips et al., 2001)."

Another way to use the power of positivity is to concentrate on the good things in life. This can help to feel better and to reduce negative thoughts and emotions. It is important to consciously take the time to be grateful for things in life and to concentrate on the positive aspects.

Another important factor is to build and maintain positive relationships. Surrounding with people who support and encourage you and avoid spending time with negative or critical people.

"Effects of the self -fulfilling prophecy has been found among others in school children, patients, employees, athletes - and even with love relationships (Downey et al., 1998Eden, 1990). The psychological phenomenon apparently is a robust one . You get what you expect - be it more innovations from your employees if you only think of them as creative (Terney and Farmer, 2004)."

In summary, we can say that the power of positivity can be a powerful tool to improve our lives and to feel happier, healthier and more successful. By making ourselves positive prophecies, concentrating on the good things, building positive relationships and maintaining a positive body language, we can use the power of positivity to change our lives. It's important to note that too much positivity can come across as an expectation of being constantly happy and successful, which can be pressureful and distressing. A balanced emotional picture with positive and negative emotions is healthier.



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Written by Mara Schär

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