Wie Selbstliebe die Leistung und den beruflichen Erfolg steigert

February can be the coolest and gray month of the year. Many people automatically associate this with negative feelings or even depressed moods. At the same time, February is also known as a month of love - a time in which one remembers the meaning of love and compassion for others and themselves. Valentine's Day is a central point. However, this is not always about charity, love for a partner or family members. It's also about your own love. It is the ideal time to once again remember that a lot depends on how much you like yourself and how much good you do yourself. This has nothing to do with selfishness, but to take time for yourself, creates new energy and positivity.

This positive mood not only has an impact on a self, but also on our handling of others and the work done. Negative self -assessment can weaken the work performance and increase stress, while self -compassion - the loving and supportive treatment of yourself in the event of professional challenges, personal inadequacies and professional setbacks - is a more powerful instrument for professional advancement (source).

Constant self -criticism (inner critic), which we may not even be aware of it, represents an obstacle to professional success. Self -love is often misinterpreted as selfish or narcissistic. And the inner critic, your inner voice never rests and devours more intellectual place than that voice that says what potential we really have. We have to learn to defend ourselves more against our own hard judgments instead of constantly attacking ourselves. And at the same time, we should deal with small “mistakes” that are mainly committed from habits or old behavior patterns.

If you would succeed more to listen to this positive and motivating voice, the inner coach, you would look forward to life more positively. A certain lightness accompanies you  and this strengthens you own resilience. Only if you cultivate the right attitude to yourself will you also have the right attitude to success. Neuroscientists have long discovered a direct connection between self -compassion, resilience and success (source).

If you are in peace with yourself, you can take a break regularly to recharge, you can take care of yourself, give yourself this new strength and motivation. For example, if there is a drawing project, it is worth going to nature again shortly before and recharge for a moment, or doing sports, just what is best for you. Positive emotions can be trained. By developing these habits, we change the way our brain reacts to events.

If you are more loving towards yourself and accept your limits with compassion, the more empathy you will apply to others. Positive affirmation reduces stress and ensures the necessary calm and clarity to overcome obstacles. Give not only love this year, but also self -love!

Written by Mara Schär

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