Berufliche Neuorientierung: Der nächste Schritt in Ihrer Karriere?

It is not surprising that the past few years have contributed to the increasing trend of professional reorientation. But the latest events are not the only trigger for it. I went deeper into the topic to find out why many choose a change of career and how we can make the best of it.

What is professional reorientation?

First of all, I would like to make it clear what a professional reorientation actually means. Basically, it's about changing jobs. This can look different for everyone. You can change the industry, start the area of ​​responsibility or start from scratch. Often we also have examples of people that cancel their job and start something of their own.

In the past, it was quite a standard to work in a company all your life and most likely in the same area of ​​responsibility for decades. Today this is no longer the case, the professional world has now become much more dynamic.

Why do many opt for a professional reorientation?

There is a wide range of reasons why many are reoriented professionally. At the top of the list is the striving for success and fulfillment. According to a study  (  30% of the employees surveyed named the personal development.

Xing has been publishing a study carried out by Forsa for a few years. This recently showed that a large number of employees cancel the job without having already found a new job. It is also interesting that especially  women are open to new things and every tenth has changed the job since the Corona crisis.

Other reasons could be a lack of appreciation and recognition, sufficient demand and career prospects, a low salary or poor leadership style.

How does professional reorientation succeed?

Not to mention age, job or the reasons behind the decision, you shouldn't simply cancel the current situation. It is important to be clear beforehand why you want to change the job at all and whether you can afford it at the given time.

Then you should analyze yourself to find out where personal strengths and interests lie. This can help you to have a clear picture of the new dream job. What criteria does the new career path have to meet in order to make it confident?

After all, it is time to develop a plan and to implement it in deeds. However, get financial buffers that offer you a certain security. So you can concentrate better on the job search. Immerse yourself in the job market, inquire about your existing contacts and find a new job that will satisfy you!

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Written by Anamaria Iosif

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