Die Hierarchie der Bedürfnisse nach Maslow – Eine Reise durch die menschlichen Motivationen

Everyone has needs that they have to meet to live a fulfilling life. These needs can be physical or psychological and are crucial for the well -being of every person. The psychologist Abraham Maslow has developed a hierarchy of needs that divides these needs into five categories and specifies an order for their fulfillment. In this article I will deal with this hierarchy and its meaning for today's world.

The hierarchy of needs for Maslow

Maslow has divided human needs into five categories: physiological needs, security needs, social needs, need for appreciation and self -realization needs. The hierarchy begins with the basic needs, such as the need for food, drinking and sleeping and increases until self -realization.

The importance of the hierarchy of needs in today's world

The hierarchy of needs affects today's society. The fulfillment of the needs on the lower level is a prerequisite for fulfilling the needs at higher levels. The fact that many people in the world are still fighting to meet their basic needs means that they cannot take care of their higher needs.

The expanded pyramid of needs

Maslov's extended pyramid of needs consists of cognitive needs, aesthetic needs and transcendence needs. Although some needs such as food and water are undeniably universal, there are no uniform list of needs that apply to all people around the world. There are also cultural differences in prioritization and fulfillment of needs.

It is argued that the assumption that people act exclusively based on their needs is wrong, and that it is impossible to measure the extent of needs and the transition from one level of needs to another. In addition, it is criticized that Maslow's pyramid of needs only applies to western, white, successful men and does not offer any universal approach. Another criticism states that the needs are not always hierarchical and that the fulfillment of a need does not necessarily depend on the fulfillment of the lower levels.


The hierarchy of needs for Maslow is an important concept to understand human behavior. Fulfilling the basic needs is a prerequisite for the fulfillment of higher needs. In today's world it is crucial that we strive to meet the basic needs of all people so that they can concentrate on higher needs. This will not only help people are happier and more fulfilled, but also to become a better place.


Written by Mara Schär

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